Ceramtech High-Performance Engine Coatings

Ceramtech, our component coating division, offers our customers a complete line-up of high-performance coatings. Ceramtech coatings increase torque and horsepower, increase part life and reduce friction and wear.

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Micro Slick Coatings

Micro Slick coatings are recommended for engine components and other high-wear applications.

Micro Slick from Cerakote™ is a dry film lubricant that provides a low-friction surface for metal-on-metal contact. These coatings are formulated to withstand extreme temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the coating ideal for pistons and other wear components in high-temperature systems. Micro Slick coatings maintain excellent adhesion even after repeated thermal cycling. These coatings provide superior protection against high wear, galling and corrosion.


  • Micro Slick piston skirt coat
  • Micro Slick bearing coat

High-Temperature Ceramic Coatings

High-temperature ceramic coatings are recommended for engine components and high-temperature applications.

Our high-temperature ceramic coatings are designed to protect metal substrates in high-temperature applications. These high-temperature coatings are practical performance-based coatings intended for engine components because they are durable and resistant to thermal shock. All ceramic coatings are oven cured for maximum durability. High-temperature ceramic coatings are available in several matte, metallic and non-metallic finishes


  • Piston dome ceramic coat
  • Combustion chamber ceramic coat
  • Valve face ceramic coat
  • Exhaust port ceramic coat

Heat Dissipation Coatings

Heat dissipation coatings are recommended for air-cooled cylinders, air-cooled cylinder heads, engine blocks and oil pans.

Heat dissipation coatings transfer heat away from a substrate, resulting in improved efficiencies, performance and the longevity of the coated parts. This ceramic bonded, thermal conductive coating also helps to prevent corrosion and damage related to chemical and solvent attack when this coating is applied to metal substrates. Upon application to metal substrates this coating is proven to increase thermal transfer of up to 35-40% versus uncoated metal substances.


  • Air-cooled cylinders/heads
  • Oil coolers/heat sinks/radiators
  • Transmissions/differentials/oil pans
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